10 Lines Essay on Judge in English for Students

  1. A judge is one who is given the authority and power and is in charge of a trial in a court.
  2. A judge is a profession.
  3. The judge has the power to put in jail and give the punishment to the one who commited the crime.
  4. A person has to be a lawyer and has to have the qualifications of an LLB/LLM degree.
  5. The first judge is said to be a man named Sir MAurice Gwyer.
  6. The first lady judge in India is named Anna Chandi.
  7. There are laws as to what a judge is capable of 
  8. A judge has to keep all emotional feelings and all impartiality aside.
  9. The role of a judge is different depending on the country.
  10. The role of a judge is so important to ensure that the two sides arguing has the right to present their side of the story and thereafter make a rational decision