10 Lines Essay on Joy in English for Students

  1. The feeling of happiness or great pleasure is known as joy.
  2. The word is said to be derived from ‘gaudi’.
  3. The feeling of joy is important for one’s mental and emotional well being.
  4. It is a strong emotion that can help one live a longer, better and healthier lifestyle. 
  5. Some people lack joy and find it hard to find joy in themselves or in anything they do. This can be a symptom of depression as well.
  6. Joy gives one confidence.
  7. It has a very powerful effect with others around as well. 
  8. Joy is extremely important for our physical health as well. 
  9. It is very important to practise the discipline of joy. Finding joy in small simple things makes one find joy easier.
  10.  Sleep can play a vital role in contributing vastly to the feeling of joy and happiness.