10 Lines Essay on Journey of Food in English for Students

  1. Digestion is known as the journey of food. 
  2. William Beaumont is credited as the first person to study about the journey of the food 
  3. The journey of the food begins as the food is being broken down into smaller pieces by the teeth as one chews.
  4. It is also said that the start of the food journey begins from sight and sound. This is an amazing process as it sends a psychological message to the brain that secretes saliva.
  5. The saliva in one’s mouth helps to soften the food.
  6. The tongue helps one to push the food downward.
  7. The journey of food is important for the growth of the body. 
  8. It is extremely important for one to chew their food properly to result in proper digestion.
  9. Once the food is broken down, the body will slowly absorb all nutrients needed for the body. 
  10. The small intestine is said to be the most vital organ for digestion.