10 Lines Essay on Journey by Train in English for Students

  1. A journey by train can be therapeutic for some and unpleasant for some.
  2. It can be exciting as one can meet and see alot of different kinds of people.
  3. A train journey can also help one get inspired and broaden one’s knowledge in terms of knowing and seeing different cultures.
  4. It also makes us be more sociable as one come across different people.
  5. One should also be very carefuland alert on a train journey because one can meet very dangerous people. 
  6. The view from the window of a train can be very pleasant as one explores various types of sceneries. 
  7. It is a cheap mode of transportation as well.
  8. It gives one memories to cherish forever as well.
  9. It is very economical and comfortable.
  10. It teaches one a lot as one observed the little things around during a train journey. It teaches one humblity, gratefulness and experience.