10 Lines Essay on Joker in English for Students

  1. A person who likes and enjoys joking is known as a joker. 
  2. They are also known as humorist 
  3. They can be extremely talented in learning and observing their skills as well. 
  4. A joker in today’s world can be also seen as a comedian. 
  5. Jokers can be a job where one can earn quite a lot of money. 
  6. Kids love jokers and so do adults. 
  7. In Fact the want for a show with jokers is highly demanding. With the everyday world of busy schedules, mental issues have become a great problem and it can be scientifically proven that laughing helps one stay younger and live longer. 
  8. There are alot of shows with jokers. One very popular show on jokers which has very deep meaning for adults is a movie called Joker which was released in 2019.
  9. Jokers has taken over the world in shows, dramas and other movies. One popular show that has a joker that plays a major role is Batman
  10. Usually a joker paints his/her face to make it look hilarious.