10 Lines Essay on Joint Family in English for Students

  1. Joint family is one that has several generations living under one roof. 
  2. Joint families are extremely popular in India.
  3. There are a lot of advantages to living as a joint family. Some of them are shared chores,strong emotional bonds, less financial stress, improved social skills, etc.
  4. In India, the majority believe that joint family is good and better because of cherished common faith and belief.
  5. The disadvantages are plenty as well. Some of them are lack of privacy, difference in opinions, inability to make one’s own decision, etc.
  6. According to a survey, it is said that the majority of the joint family are Hindus. 
  7. There is a Hindu law for joint family as well
  8. According to factual information it is said and written that one of the largest joint families has 72 members living in the same household. 
  9.  Joint family is fading, declining and degrading with time. 
  10. It is also recorded that the majority of the people living in a joint family have no good memory as well as the environment grows on to be extremely toxic which has caused depression and other mental issues.