10 Lines Essay on John Keats in English for Students

  1. John Keats is a very popular English poet. 
  2. He was born on 13 October, 1795 and he died on February 23, 1821. 
  3. He died at the age of 25.
  4. The cause of his death was tuberculosis.
  5. His father passed away early when John was just 8 years old and his mother remarried soon after. 
  6. He was extremely close to his sister 
  7. He wrote 150 poems in his life time. However only 54 poems were published.
  8. His first poem was the sonnet O Solitude.
  9. He was a short man. He was about 5 feet tall. He had curly red hair as well.
  10. Edmund Spenser’s Fairie Queene changed John Keats  life dramatically for it was this that made him into a poet of wonder and talent.