10 Lines Essay on Jijabai in English for Students

  1. Jijabai is also known as Jijabai Shahaji Bhonsle or Jadhav.
  2. She was married off to another warrior man at a very young age.
  3. She was born on 12 January 1588 and she died on 17 June 1678.
  4. She had 8 children. Six of which were girls and two boys. 
  5. She was the only daughter in her family as well. 
  6. She was a very influential, hardworking, sincere and determined woman. One filled with so much self respect and virtue.
  7. Her husband passed away early and this caused Jijabai to be extremely heart broken. 
  8. She struggled a lot raising her children but despite her struggles she did not give up and stayed strong for her children. 
  9. She raised all her children very well. One of which turned out to be the protector of the country as well. 
  10. She was not just a mother but a friend and a guru to her children.