10 Lines Essay on Jhoom Farming in English for Students

  1. Jhoom farming is practised mainly by Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. 
  2. The alternative name for this term is slash and burn agriculture.
  3. This technique of slash and burn is out into practice for cultivation only 
  4. One of the biggest advantages of jhoom farming is that it requires less labour requirements.
  5. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it reduces the soil quality.
  6. It is practised in hilly areas.
  7. The technique best known to mankind can be seen from the tribal people.
  8. This practice is reducing however because of the major loss of species, soil quality  reduction, etc.
  9. A Lot of water is required for this practice.
  10. The tracing of this practice to its history is rather unclear however one can say that this is a practice that has been going on since time immemorial.