10 Lines Essay on Jharkhand Foundation Day in English for Students

  1. Jharkhand foundation day is celebrated on 15 November 2000.
  2. It is celebrated to show respect and reflect on the day when Jharkhand was founded as their own state. 
  3. It has been 23 years since its foundation day began.
  4. This day is a very important day especially for the residents of Jharkhand.
  5. On this day, the state emphasis on encouraging and levelling up the education system and health care facilities in the state 
  6. It is a day to remember all the fighter and warriors that gave their life to protect the state as well as the people whose life has been lost through all natural disasters.
  7. Some schools and working institutions announce this day as a holiday while some put on various programs and organise an activity for the people to re educate themselves. 
  8. On this day, the heads of the state work towards improving and implementing new styles to develop the state . 
  9. Every year, it runs in different themes 
  10. People are encouraged to use the colour green on this very day.