10 Lines Essay on Jewellery in English for Students

  1. Jewellery is an ornament. Example: necklaces, rings, or bracelets.
  2. The hope diamond is said to be one of the most expensive jewellery in the world. 
  3. The rarest and most desirable gem world wide is said to be the Bixbite, red beryland jewellery.
  4. Jewellery is a word that comes from an old French word ‘joule’.
  5. According to research done, the oldest jewellery is a collection of beads that is made from Nassarius shells which is 100,000 years old. 
  6. A fact to keep in mind is that only the Americans call it jewelry, everyone else calls it jewellery.
  7. Different cultures have different belief systems. Most believe that jewellery is supposed to ward off evil. One can see this if one enters the village areas and meets the elders. 
  8. A beautiful jewellery called Jade is called ‘the stone of heaven’ or is known as the stone of prosperity and this comes from the age of belief. 
  9. Diamonds were first mined in India.
  10. The British crown has the  biggest ever gem rough diamond ever found.