10 Lines Essay on January 26 in English

  1. 26th of January is celebrated as Republic day in India.
  2. This day has a great importance in India as the constitution of India was adopted on this day.
  3. The president of India unfurls the national flag on this day.
  4. This day reminds the Indian citizens that they are all equal before the law.
  5. The President reminds the people to take pride in being the part of a democratic republic nation.
  6. The brave hearts who sacrificed their lives for the nation are also remembered.
  7. The armed forces of India also march with pride.
  8. The main aim of 26th of January is to instill the value of republic in the minds of younger generations to come.
  9. A republic is a nation in which the head is elected through elections just like the Indian president.
  10. India’s vibrant heritage is also displayed in form of various tableux.