10 Lines Essay on Jammu and Kashmir in English for Students

  1. Jammu and Kashmir is an Indian territory located in the northernmost part of India.
  2. Jammu and Kashmir is a region administered by India as a union territory.
  3. The area is about 42,241 km².
  4. Jammu and Kashmir is called the ‘Paradise on Earth’.
  5. It is known for its amazing landscape and scenic beauty.
  6. Rogan Josh, Goshtaba, Dum Aloo, Kashmiri Rajma, Naat Yakhni, Aab Gosht, Tabak Maaz and Nadir Monji are the most famous dishes of Kashmir.
  7. The population has a majority of muslims.
  8. The famous temples of Jammu attract thousands of Hindus to visit it every year.
  9. Kashmir is said to have been a favourite vacation spot of the Mughals.
  10. Kashmir is the largest producer of saffron in India and the third largest producer in the world.