10 Lines Essay on James Watt in English for Students

  1. James Watt refused the title of Baron.
  2. James watt married twice.
  3. Watt became very rich and continued to invent things, including a working mechanism for copying medallions and sculptures.
  4. Watt died in 1819, aged 83. 
  5. He was born in 19 January 1736 and he died in  25 August 1819
  6. He is also known as the father of mechanical engineering.
  7. He is best remembered for the improvements he made in the steam engine which made significant changes in the working of the steam engine.
  8. He was very hard working and a sincere man. He was a great enthusiast for his field work. 
  9. He was homeschooled due to his poor health. 
  10. His father taught him writing and arithmetic, and his mother taught him reading.