10 Lines Essay on Jackfruit in English for Students

  1. Jack fruit is also known as jack tree.
  2. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh.
  3. Jackfruit is called poor man’s fruit because of large production and widely used by economically weaker sections.
  4. Jackfruit contains just 2.84 g of protein.
  5. It is native to South India.
  6. Ripe yellow jackfruit has a subtly sweet flavour
  7. Jackfruit is the largest fruit borne by any tree, growing up to 35 inches and 60 pounds.
  8. Jackfruit matures during the rainy season from July to August. 
  9. The biggest jackfruit in the world weighs up to 42.72 grams.
  10. It helps prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease