10 Lines Essay on J.K Rowling in English for Students

  1. J.K Rowling is a British writer. 
  2. Her real name is Joanne Rowling.
  3. She is extremely famous for writing the plot of Harry Potter.
  4. She is 57 years old.
  5. She is extremely dedicated, sincere and hardworking. 
  6. She struggled alot throughout her years of trying to publish her story plot of Harry Potter. 
  7. There was a time when she was jobless and a single parent which had so much burden and stress upon her.
  8. She almost comitted suicide becaus eof her depression which made her feel like a complete failure. 
  9. Through her stories, one will notice that J.K.Rowling creates a very strong role for women.
  10. She was rejected 12 times for her story plot of Harry Potter by different publishers.