10 Lines Essay on Island in English for Students

  1. A piece of land surrounded by water is called an island.
  2. Greenland is the biggest island in the world. The area is about 2,130,800 sq km.
  3. Simping Island is regarded as the smallest island. This island is located in Indonesia. 
  4. The most populated island in the world is called Java. It is located in Indonesia.
  5. There are two main types of islands in the sea: continental and oceanic.
  6. Island is a centre for fishing and related occupations.
  7. Islands have ample amounts of sunshine and varied kinds of species that can be very rare.
  8. It is the key foundation for coral reef ecosystems.
  9. It can be a good place for a vacation with beautiful beaches, lagoons, hills, waterfalls, or volcanos to explore.
  10. The biggest risks of living on an island are tsunami,tropical storms, limited area, rising ocean level etc.