10 Lines Essay on Islamabad in English for Students

  1. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.
  2. It is the ninth most populous city.
  3. It has a significant reputation in a thriving, business-minded capital.
  4. According to a survey it is stated that Islamabad is ranked as the 2nd most beautiful capital.
  5. The top attractions to visit in Islamabad are: Pakistan Monument Museum, Margalla Hills, Saidpur Village, etc.
  6. It is the coldest region in Pakistan.
  7. Consumption of alcohol is illegal.
  8. It is a city filled with greenery and mountains.
  9. The important landmark of the city is the white marble Faisal Mosque
  10. Innah SuperMarket is the best market place in Islamabad situated in the heart of the city.