10 Lines Essay on Iron Man in English for Students

  1. Iron man is a superhero that originated from the American comics.
  2. The creation of iron man is credited to four people. They are Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steave Ditko and Larry Lieber.
  3. Iron man first appeared in the year 1963.
  4. Iron man gets his power from his steel armour. 
  5. Iron man is a proficient scientist and engineer as well.
  6. With the coming of Marvel, the character of iron man developed to be at its peak of popularity.
  7. It is a superhero that protects the world from various threats and dangers.
  8. Iron can fly extremely high and is extremely strong as well.
  9. Iron man fans are known as ironheads.
  10. Iron man is a superhero that has won the hearts of many, especially young boys.