10 Lines Essay on Iris Flower in English for Students

  1. Iris flowers have a very unique structure and appearance.
  2. They are also known as flags because of the tall petal stand.
  3. There are alot of colour varieties. They are – blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown and even black.
  4. They are found in the Pacific Coast, Siberica, Spuria, Louisiana, Japanese, and others.
  5. The majority of the species are native to Europe and Asia.
  6. Based on records, it is said that iris plant was originated in Virginia.
  7. Irises Have Been Important Flowers Since the Ancient Greeks.
  8. Each Color of Iris Means Something Different
  9. Iris flowers are also used in various traditional medicines for the treatment of inflammations, cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and other diseases.
  10. This species of flower is also extremely expensive as well.