10 Lines Essay on International Yoga Day in English for Students

  1. International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 every year. 
  2. The first celebration was celebrated in the year 2014.
  3. It was proposed by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in the year 2014.
  4. On this day,students, from youth to adults take a day off as they take out their yoga mats and start exercising. 
  5. Yoga is considered as a very ancient practice and therefore it has a strong link with the people of India. 
  6. There is a very significant menai g towards choosing the date of this celebration. This is because June 21 is the day of the Summer Solstice. A day with the longest period of daylight. 
  7. In the year 2018, India witnessed the largest mass participation of over 100,000 people.
  8. The theme of International Yoga Day 2023 was ‘Yoga for Humanity ‘.
  9. On this day,a lot of knowledge and wisdom is bestowed upon the listeners on the benefits of yoga to one’s health.
  10. International Yoga Day is now being taught about it world wide and is practised by many.