10 Lines Essay on International Men’s Day in English for Students

  1. International men’s day is celebrated on 19 November every year 
  2. It is a worldwide celebration as a reminder to everyone about all the positive value men bring into the world. 
  3. Every year, it runs under different themes. On 2023, it is said that it will run under the theme “Zero Male Suicide.”
  4. This celebration was established in the year 2007.
  5. It is also said that about 80 countries celebrate this day. 
  6. On this day, discussion,meetings, programs, gatherings, activities, sports and games and lots more are organised. 
  7. A lot about the importance of men, the value, their mental health, emotional, physical,social and spiritual importance are given utmost focus on. 
  8. It is crucial for kids and young adults to know and have knowledge about the purpose of this day. 
  9. A lot of lives have changed after the establishment of this celebration.
  10. Men, all around the world feel heard and are given attention on their mental health.