10 Lines Essay on International Human Solidarity Day in English for Students

  1. International Human Solidarity day is a day to celebrate our unity in diversity.
  2. It is celebrated on 20th December  every year. 
  3. This celebration was established in the year 2005.
  4. On this day,several initiatives by different people take place. From distributing food to migrant workers, making healthy bonds and caring for the workers and lots more
  5. A Lot of activities, programs and a variety of initiatives taken by people all over the world takes place on this very day. 
  6. This is a celebration that has knitted the people to each other stronger despite their differences in caste or religion or race. 
  7. It is a day to raise public awareness and a day of encouragement for new initiatives for poverty and education.
  8. People are now well educated on this topic and are raising more initiatives for better change and development.
  9. It is vital for students to learn about this and gain knowledge. 
  10. It is also a celebration that reminds the governments to respect their commitments to international agreements.