10 Lines Essay on International Democracy Day in English for Students

  1. Internal democracy day began in the year 2007.
  2. The first celebration was held on 2008.
  3. This is a celebration was that passed by the UN Assembly.
  4. The ultimate goal for this celebration was to encourage governments to strengthen and consolidate democracy.
  5. This is a day that is celebrated by all democratic country.
  6. It opens the door to highlight the important role of parliaments, and to celebrate their capacity and mandate to deliver on justice, peace, development and human rights.
  7. Young students are also taught about this in schools because of its significance.
  8. On this day, schools and other institutions also play an active role by conducting competitions and events to educate and re educate the student’s on this subject topic.
  9. This is a celebration that is like a reminder for the people. It strengthens the bond and the unity of the people in a democratic state.
  10. The theme for International Day of Democracy 2022 was “Protecting Press Freedom for Democracy”.