10 Lines Essay on International Day of Education In English for Students

  1. International Day of Education is celebrated every year on the 24th of January.
  2. It began on 3 December 2018.
  3. Every year it comes up with a theme. The 2023 theme was “to invest in people,prioritise education.”
  4. The purpose of this celebration is to strengthen and welcome education. Education is altering every now and then and one must be wise to accept and choose the right path.
  5. The coming of this celebration brought a lot of change into this world. It is credited to The United Nations General Assembly.
  6. All institutions take an active role on this day. Activities, projects, competitions are held on this day. 
  7. Youngsters to elders are educated and re-educated on this day on the importance of education.
  8. Till this very day there are so many cases basing on the violation of education especially to females. However with the coming of this, the situation has improved slightly. 
  9. On account of this celebration,some groups of youths go about to rural areas to educate the people on the importance of education. This has improved the situation to a whole load. The percentage of educated children in rural areas has also increased.
  10. Posters are put around the neighbourhood as a reminder to everyone on the importance of education. With social media taking a toll on today’s world, people make videos and post it as a way of educating the ones who come across it on social media platforms.