10 Lines Essay on Inspiration in English for Students

  1. Being mentally stimulated to do or feel something is known as inspiration. 
  2. The word inspiration is derived from the Latin word ‘inspiratus’, which means breathe into.
  3. People who are inspired or feel inspired are seen to be more engaged, more confident, and more motivated to solve problems and create new things.
  4. Inspiration has a lot of power. It drives a person to make the impossible possible.
  5. It is through inspiration that a person’s life can change drastically for the better.
  6. Good inspiration for students and young adults is crucial for them to turn into a good human being.
  7. Influencers and celebrities play a vital role in inspiring the people.
  8. Inspiration plays a big role in personality development.
  9. Inspiration is not always good. It can be bad too. Therefore, one must be well aware of what one comes across in life and letting what inspires oneself.
  10. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most inspirational people in India.