10 Lines Essay on Inflation in English for Students

  1. The rising of prices in goods and services in an economy over a period of time is called inflation.
  2. A demand of a certain product or service by the people is one of the root causes of inflation.
  3. It can be said that there are three types of inflation. They are: Demand-pull inflation, Cost-push inflation and built-in inflation.
  4. According to researches, it has been expected that the global inflation will fall to 6.6 percent in 2023 and 4.3 percent in 2024.
  5. The upsurge of cases of Covid 19 gave a serious push to inflation worldwide. 
  6. It is also said that there are some few methods to control inflations.  However, there is one common method called contractionary monetary policy, which has proved to have made an impact.  
  7. Inflation has in one way or the other makes the poor poorer. It tends to worsen inequality or poverty, making the people struggle with savings.
  8. The debtors are on the advantage side of inflation. This is because it easier on debtors, who repay their loans with money that, is less valuable than the money they borrowed. 
  9. According to the research found in March 2023, it has been stated that Chhattisgarh has been the top-performing state in India in controlling inflation. 
  10. To be financially discipline in all walks of life is the root solution in fighting inflation.