10 Lines Essay on Indian Tourism in English for Students

  1. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries of the world.
  2. It plays a vital role in the economic development of the country.
  3. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Asia is India. 
  4. India’s secularism and culture have captivated people from all over the world. 
  5. The third-largest industry in India is tourism.
  6. India offers a variety of sights to see and things to do. 
  7. India is beautiful because of its picturesque backwaters, hill towns, and landscapes.
  8. Tourists are drawn to India because of its welcoming customs, diverse way of life, cultural legacy, and vibrant fairs and festivals.
  9. Both skilled and unskilled workers are employed in the tourism sector. 
  10. It encourages global fraternity and national integration.