10 Lines Essay on Indian National Congress in English for Students

  1. The Indian National Congress (INC) or the Congress Party or simply the Congress, is an Indian political party.
  2. The Indian National Congress was founded in 1885.
  3. It was the first modern nationalist movement to emerge in the British Empire in Asia and Africa.
  4. It was established when 72 representatives from all over the country met at Bombay.
  5. Prominent delegates included Dadabhai Naoroji, Surendranath Banerjee, Badruddin Tyabji, Pherozeshah Mehta W. C. Bonnerjee etc.
  6. The congress became the principle leader of the Indian Independence movement.
  7. The Congress led India to independence from the britishers.
  8. The party generally supports Indian nationalism and Gandhian secularism. 
  9. It is a significant party in Maharashtra, Nagaland and some other states.
  10. The Indian National Congress represents the progressive soul of India.