10 Lines Essay on Indian Dance in English for Students

  1. In traditional Indian culture the function of dance was to give symbolic expression to religious ideas. 
  2. The figure of Lord Shiva as Nataraja represents the creation and destruction of the cosmic cycle. 
  3. The image clearly shows the popularity of the dance form among the Indian people.
  4. Indian classical dance, is an umbrella term for different regional classical dance forms.
  5. It is a type of dance-drama that is a form of total theater. 
  6. The dancer acts out a story through gestures.
  7. Most of the classical dances of India enact stories from Hindu mythology. 
  8. Each form represents the culture and ethos of a particular region or a group of people.
  9. There are many folk dances and style vary according to the local tradition, geography and ethics.
  10. Indian dance is related to Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, pan-Hindu Epics and the Vedic literature.