10 Lines Essay on Indian Constitution Day in English for Students

  1. Constitution Day, also known as ‘Samvidhan Divas’, is celebrated in our country on 26th November every year.
  2. It is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. 
  3. On 26th November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, which came into effect from 26th January 1950.
  4. A Constitution is a set of rules and regulations guiding the administration of a country. 
  5. The constitution of India is the framework for political principles, procedures and powers of the government. 
  6. The main purpose of constitution day is to spread the message of Dr Ambedkar about equality, justice, fraternity and secularism to the citizens.
  7. The day was declared by the Government of India by a gazetted notification issued on 19th November 2015. 
  8. Prior to the notification the day was observed as the Law Day.
  9. National Constitution Day isn’t a public holiday and various events are organized in schools, colleges and offices to make people familiar with their Constitution.
  10. National Constitution Day is a day of pride for every Indian.