10 Lines Essay on Indian Army in English for Students

  1. The Indian Army is the land-based branch of the Indian Armed Forces. 
  2. It is the world’s second-largest standing army.
  3. Indian Army makes up the greatest part of the defence system of India. 
  4. Every citizen of the country feels respect for the Indian army. 
  5. The Indian Army is responsible for protecting the people of India.
  6. The Indian army consists of the brave and courageous people who live and die for the nation.
  7. The headquarter of the Indian Army resides in New Delhi, the capital of India.
  8. The Indian Army saves people from terrorist attacks and ensures national security.
  9. It is because of them that we are safe and live with peace and harmony.
  10. “Service is our Creed” reads the motto of the Indian Army.