10 Lines Essay on India of my Dreams in English for Students

  1. India is a country where people of all cultures and religions coexist together.
  2. Each of us has dreamt about some better version of India.
  3. The India of my dream would be a country where women are safe and walk freely on the road.
  4. It will be a place where there is freedom of equality to all.
  5. Everyone can enjoy their fundamental rights in their true sense. 
  6. It would be a place where there is no discrimination of caste, color, gender or race.
  7. There would be no poor left in my country. Everyone would have a shelter to live and would not sleep hungry.
  8. I dream of an abundance of development and growth.
  9. India would be more scientifically, technologically, and agriculturally sophisticated.
  10. I want to see an India where rationality and scientific ideas triumph over blind faith and bigotry.