10 Lines Essay on Importance of Nature in English For Students

  1. Nature is defined as the interaction between physical surroundings around us. 
  2. It is the ultimate source of our living. 
  3. Plants, animals and humans all depend on nature for their survival.
  4. Survival of mankind without nature is impossible.
  5. It is the primary source of all the necessities for the nourishment of all living beings on Earth. 
  6. Everything from farming and forestry to leisure and tourism is provided free by nature. 
  7. Nature is indeed God’s precious gift to Earth. 
  8. We need to understand that we should not take nature for granted.
  9. If nature has the ability to protect us, it is also powerful enough to destroy the entire mankind.
  10. We should live in harmony with nature, rather than destroying it for short term gain.