10 Lines Essay on Importance of Hygiene in English for Students

  1. Hygiene means good practices and rituals that prevent diseases and lead to good health. 
  2. It mainly includes proper sewage disposal, cleanliness, and safe drinking water supply.
  3. It prevents the spread of infectious diseases and helps children lead long, healthy lives. 
  4. For our personal, social, and economic development, we need to be very healthy, fit and hygienic.
  5. Maintaining good hygiene helps our immune systems develop and shield our bodies from disease. 
  6. We should avoid eating adulterated and unhygienic food to remain fit.
  7. For families, good hygiene means avoiding illness and spending less on health care.
  8. It also prevents students from missing school, resulting in better learning outcomes. 
  9. It is important to maintain good hygiene in order to avoid the spread of germs and infections.
  10. Personal hygiene is important to keep our body clean, healthy and diseases at bay.