10 Lines Essay on Importance of Friendship in English

  1. Friendship is the key to a happy and peaceful life. 
  2. Everyone needs a true friend in their life that helps them in every condition. 
  3. A true friend always guides you to choose the correct path. 
  4. It is all about trust and loyalty, there is no place for a lie and cheating.
  5. It is a selfless relationship between two or more people with a sense of affection and esteem. 
  6. It can happen between any individuals irrespective of their geographical boundaries or nationality.
  7. Friendship never leaves us in bad times.
  8. It Increases a sense of belonging and purpose.
  9. It boosts our happiness and reduces our stress.
  10. True friends are usually those who improve the quality of life, promote self-confidence and provide unconditional love, and help you progress mentally.