10 Lines Essay on Importance of Friends in English for Students

  1. A friend in need is a friend in deed.
  2. Friends are people who share the same thinking and understanding with us. 
  3. She/he is the one who is always ready to help us in any situation.
  4. A good friend will always give you good advice.
  5. They always stop us from going in the wrong direction.
  6. Friends share a true bond of trust, love and  and care, which lasts for a lifetime.
  7. True friendship is a selfless bond between two individuals with mutual trust.
  8. Friends help you to forget your grief and pull you out of any depression.
  9. True friends praise in public and criticize in private to help us undergo positive change.
  10. Friends are the gifts of god who are not our family but also not less than our family.