10 Lines Essay on Importance of Dustbins in English

  1. Dustbins act as the cleansers of the environment. 
  2. A dustbin is a large container with a lid. 
  3. People put their waste in it and it is usually kept outside the house.
  4. Blue and Green dustbins are used to segregate two different kinds of wastes.
  5. We should put the right waste into the right bin.
  6. Green dustbin is used for disposal of wet and biodegradable waste. 
  7. Blue dustbin is used for disposal of dry and non-biodegradable waste.
  8. It is essential to have many dustbins alongside Roads and at Public Places and parks.
  9. We shouldn’t throw garbage on the roads but  into the public dustbins.
  10. Garbage bins should always be covered to prevent invasion by pests and insects and reduce odour.