10 Lines Essay on Importance of Animals in English for Students

  1. Animals play a very important role in the environment and the lives of all human beings. 
  2. They are excellent companions.
  3. They improve mental health, facilitate rescues during natural disasters; and finally, for a number of species, as food.
  4.  They work wonders for the working of the planet. 
  5. They provide food to us, humans. Such as milk, meat, and so on. 
  6. Through a lot of things that the animals provide, we mix and turn them into other food such as butter, ghee, and so on. 
  7. Animals also play a very important role in the environment, especially in helping with pollination, pest control, and climate control.
  8. They play an important role in the ecosystem.
  9. They take care of one another one way or the other. 
  10. It has become a scientific proven fact that animals can help us in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and further physical rehabilitation.