10 Lines Essay on Importance of Air in English for Students

  1. Air is vital for the life of every organism on the planet. 
  2. It is so important for every organism to not just breathe air but to breathe healthy air.
  3. All human beings should work hard in achieving this goal.
  4.  With the world of today being fuel generated which has made life much simpler; no doubt it has its effect, which is polluting the air we breathe.
  5.  Polluted air brought a rise in different varied diseases and infections. For instance, stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and even lung cancer.
  6.  We should take all measures to protect the air by walking or riding a bicycle whenever possible, taking more public transport, etc.
  7. Without water, we can stay alive for several days, but without air one cannot survive for more than a few minutes.
  8. All living organisms need healthy air to breathe. Healthy air results in a healthy life. 
  9. Life will not exist without air and therefore, it is crucial for everyone be it adults or kids to do whatever one can to try and keep the air clean. 
  10. Due to air pollution, the cases of various infections, sicknesses, and diseases are on the rise resulting morte death rates.