10 Lines Essay on Illustration in English for Students

  1. Any decoration, interpretation, or visual explanation of a text or concept designed is termed an illustration. 
  2. Examples could be posters, flyers, magazines, books, or teaching materials. 
  3. The illustration is very important in today’s world. The importance of it has been growing ever since 1800. 
  4. This process makes people’s minds understand a certain concept, be it a large or a small idea. 
  5. It transfers the message to the people and viewers easily and traps the people’s attention.
  6.  It has become a very important tool in communicating ideas, especially complex ideas.
  7.  Illustrators are paid heavily and have become a well-sought job in today’s world. 
  8. It promotes imagination and creativity. 
  9. It is also a proven fact that illustration captures the mid and the concentration of people, especially kids.
  10. It makes the whole subject matter even more interesting and captivating.