10 Lines Essay on Ill Effects of Deforestation in English for Students

  1. The cutting of trees in a forest to a large extent is called deforestation. 
  2. This process is led due to the clearing of forests for settlement, agriculture, or business purposes.
  3.  It has become a serious environmental concern and issue with time because of this.
  4. Some of the main and well-known problems of this action have caused and affected climatic changes, the disappearance of wildlife, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. 
  5. The loss of trees adversely affects every biological life in all possible ways.
  6. Deforestation has caused desertification and soil erosion, a decrease in groundwater levels, and loss of food and habitat of animals which leads to their extinction.
  7. This means increasing its forest cover from the current 25% to 33% and restoring 26 million hectares of land by 2030.
  8. Deforestation has caused a serious impact in the affect of the ecosystem as a whole, word wide. 
  9. The process of development in the world is good however it is seriously increasing deforestation. 
  10. Forest loss and damage are the cause of around 10% of global warming.