10 Lines Essay on If I Were a Teacher in English for Students

  1. If I were a teacher, I would try my level best to be a teacher of influence.
  2.  Rather than sticking with the textbooks at all times, I would give them activities and try to open a way for class outdoor teachings for their own practical learning which I believe would be extremely useful for their future.
  3.  Not everyone is meant for studying, this is something to keep in mind.
  4.  Some students are extremely talented in crafts or it could be even sorts like public speaking, or even being a comedian.
  5.  I would love to have personal relationships with all my students equally.
  6. I would like to help them throughout the life process and guide them and help them maintain their mental health for we never know what they might be going through.
  7. I would like to be a fun teacher. 
  8. I would like to take my students on outings and picnics.
  9. I want to be the kind of teacher to make the classroom environment homely, safe, and warm for them. 
  10. If I were a teacher, I will  try to put modern teaching into use for my students.