10 Lines Essay on If I Were a Magician in English for Students

  1. If I were a magician I would put my talent to good use, amazing people, and bring them into the world of magic. 
  2. I would go for auditions like India’s Got Talent and even raise funds for the needy through this. 
  3. With the ever-rising talent from this generation, I would work very hard to learn more tricks and be good entertainment to people. 
  4. I would go about schools and kids’ shows and let them have a short time of enjoyment as well. 
  5. I would also make a living through this as people hire me for occasions such as birthday parties or any other celebration.
  6.  I would want to be the rarest and most unique entertainer they would ever see. 
  7. I would like to go to places like the old age homes and the orphanages and give them the opportunity to see such shows. 
  8. I will also like to hold my own course class in teaching kids magic.
  9. I would love to visit places like the cancer hospital and give them a sense of enjoyment.
  10. I will also practice and learn new tricks every day. With hard work, dedication, and sincerity, I believe that it will take me a long way.