10 Lines Essay on If I Were a Farmer in English for Students

  1. If I were a farmer I would try and learn all traditional and modern techniques in farming.
  2.  With the modern jet age, there are too many modern techniques coming up making the task easier, it would be great to put that into action as well but I would also never lose touch with the traditional technique for it is extremely important to know where we started from.
  3.  I would also try to teach the youngsters the importance of farming.  
  4. If I were a farmer, I would definitely live the life of a successful farmer.
  5. I would try unique ways of farming as I try to develop new techniques for the betterment of my crops. 
  6. I will also thoroughly study the crops and soils. 
  7. If I were a farmer, I will try to grow my business in the nearby market. 
  8. I will try to help the inexperienced farmers by teaching them. 
  9. I will also plant varieties of crops defending on their season.
  10. I will keep my field well maintained.