10 Lines Essay on If I Were a Butterfly in English for Students

  1. If I were a butterfly, I would feel like the best addition to nature. 
  2. I would make kids run after me and laugh their hearts away.
  3.  I would like to make babies giggle as they stroll around the park with their mama.
  4.   I would enjoy drinking the sweet nectar of the beautiful flowers, carrying the pollen grains of all the flowers, and spreading them around in nature. 
  5. Eventually making me the reason for their growth. 
  6. I would be so grateful for the uniqueness and rarity that is given unto my wings by the Creator. 
  7. I would like to inspire the writers and make the children grow their creativity in their art and mind. 
  8. I would like to fly around in the beauty of nature. 
  9. I would go to the parks and all the places where there are children as they run after me in joy.
  10. If I were a butterfly, i would love to be the most colorful butterfly.