10 Lines Essay on If I Were a Bird in English For Students

  1. If I were a bird, I would choose to be an eagle. 
  2. It is magnificent, confident, and stands knowing the power it holds. 
  3. I would choose to travel all around the world. 
  4. The very fact that eagles can fly to a great height in the sky makes it even more attractive and alluring, especially with the thought of hovering over sunsets and beautiful skies.
  5.  I would love to swim around the waterfall, catching fish in the rivers. Such delight it would be!
  6.  I would be free from having to go through such a long process of travel.
  7.  I would do all things without any limitations and live life to its fullest. 
  8. I would like to inspire writers to write as they see my wings as I hover around the beautiful sky. 
  9. I would want people to be taken back by the beauty of nature.
  10. I would go to all my favorite destination without having the trouble to book flights or trains.