10 Lines Essay on Ideal Teacher in English for Students

  1. A teacher’s job is not simply a job but it’s also a way to make society better by educating and training the children to be able to face the challenges and realities that lie ahead of them. 
  2. A good teacher not only focuses on teaching the students about what lies in the book but focuses outside the books and classrooms. 
  3. The teacher is ever ready to teach and meet with any questions that the students have and helps the students understand them better. 
  4. An ideal teacher is someone who guides, mentors, and provides counseling to the students and helps the students come out of their depression or anxiety.
  5.  The teacher is always prepared, well versed, and willing to go through extra mile for the students to learn and succeed not just in their academic sessions but achieve their goals and dreams.
  6. An ideal teacher maintains a good relationship with his/her colleagues and students.
  7. An ideal teacher is one that tackles no partiality to his/her students and treats all equally.
  8. An ideal teacher helps teh students be the best version of themselves. 
  9. An ideal teacher submits and does all his/her duties on time. 
  10. An ideal teacher lives by the clock.