10 Lines Essay on Ideal Person in English for Students

  1. An ideal man is the kind of person whom people look up to and who wishes to be like him. 
  2. He is responsible, respectful, and hard-working.  
  3. He does not compromise his work over anything else. 
  4. He sets his limits and sets a boundary to achieve his goals and vision. 
  5. Even during hard circumstances, he is not disheartened or discouraged but finds himself a solution on how to tackle the problems by going through them and not by succumbing to them. 
  6. He is hygienic and maintains good mental and physical health in order to cope with the challenges he will face.
  7.  An ideal man does not boast about himself but stays humble
  8. He is compassionate and is eager to help people. Thus, all these attributes make an ideal man.
  9. An ideal man is family and God-oriented.
  10. He is organised and has a good reputation.