10 Lines Essay on Ideal Home in English for Students

  1. An ideal home is one where there is love, peace, joy, and harmony. 
  2. With this being taken into account, it does not mean that there would not be any disagreements or quarrels.
  3.  Rather one should keep in mind that despite the disagreements and arguments from time to time which is evident in all households, the people must come together to find a solution together and maintain harmony.
  4.  It is the people that make a house a home.
  5.  An ideal does not necessarily have to be magnificent in looks, it could be a small cottage filled with love, joy, and a whole load of laughter.
  6.  Everyone will have their own definition of what an ideal home should be.
  7.  But one must really keep in mind that it isn’t the magnificence of a house or the money or wealth or even the number of parties being held, rather it is the people in the house that makes a house a home.
  8.  An ideal home is filled with people with broad and positive mindsets and above all, should have ove in their hearts.
  9. An ideal home is warm and homely
  10. An ideal home is one that people enjoy visiting.